Affordable Green Sun Solar

Bringing Power to the People

The Outdoors and Solar Power

Everything you love about the outdoors was only made possible by the energy from the sun. Harness that energy, and make your adventures a new kind of awesome.
You don't go camping just so you can listen to your generator.

Get rid of the noise so you can start hearing the sounds.
RV/Camper solar power systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations. From small DIY packages to large professionally installed systems, we will help you make your vacations as great as you have imagined them.

Some things to consider before moving into a new RV/Camper solar package:
-Do you already have batteries (or do they need to be replaced)?
-How much power do you need?
-How much room do you have on top of your RV?
Our mounting systems are industry leading and easy to remove. We use rubber nuts (similar to roof racks in the automotive industry) to ensure a long lasting and leak proof system.
Our DIY kits don't just include the modules, charge controller and batteries, but everything that you will need for your project. We  make sure that you know the true cost before you begin.