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The Finances of Solar Power

Net Billing

Alberta legislation requires electricity providers to give credit to "micro-generators" (power systems producing less than 1MW of electricity) for the power that they provide to the grid.

How You Save Money

When you use the electricity that you produce, you are saving all of the potential energy costs of grid supplied power. Your electricity service provider will also provide you with credit on your bill when you over produce and export electricity to the grid. You will use the credit when you are not producing as much electricity (such as winter and nights).

What the Future Holds

Although we do not know the details of the future, we can confidently say that the cost of power will be rising at an accelerated rate. This is due to the extra costs put on GHG's, as well as a reduction in easily accessible resources.

When you install a solar power system, you are installing about 40 years of electricity into your building. You will know your price of power for decades!
Did You Know?
The cost of electricity between Feb. 2014 and Feb. 2015 increased by over 15%!
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